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Silicone Tongue Cleaner

Silicone Tongue Cleaner

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Material: PP
Color: 5 colors available
Size: as shown
quantity: 1
1*Tongue scraper


100% brand-new products and high quality
Acknowledge the tongue cleaning scraper, clean the tongue coating, remove the peculiar smell in the mouth, and improve oral health!
Food grade material to ensure safe and hygienic entrance!
The double-sided tongue brush fits the tongue surface and effectively removes oral !
The non-slip handshake and hook design are very convenient to use!


1. Don't scrape too hard or too many times, or you will get hurt.
2. Kids under 8 years old are not suggested to use such product.
3. To avoid bacteria breeding, it is suggested to sterilize the scraper with ultraviolet sterilant once a month.

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